080607 - COW!

080607 - Up & to 4314 to do some work & see some contractors. Louise called and Gma Heydinger is not doing well at all. I packed up the boys, headed home, got L & G & headed up to see her. Fast trip up. GmaH doesn't look good... The boys had some ice cream and then went crazy in the small apt.

080606 - Completely insane day at work! Gave a demo to the folks at Jawbone @ 4:30. Ran to Howdy's game (they won again), then past the rental to see if anymore was done: nuttin!

080605 - Landed @ 9am, drove past the rental, very little progress this week! Home, full day of work, then to the library and home to watch Abbot & Costello meets Frankenstein.

080604 - Last day @ the customer. Talks went well. Headed home and way delayed 3 hrs in Vegas, makes for a long red eye..

080603 - Up & bfast w/ Lee then off to the customer for a full day. Good flow discussions. Had dinner w/ Lee, Josue & Eric @ the Fish Market.

080602 - Made it to SJC @ midnight pst...