20210930 + Flashy

20210930 + Up late, had a rough coughing night. LJ&G at school. We got calls from the school because J&G were late. I got up got myself around and jumped on a call. At the desk for the day. Did some touch up mudding and caulking between tasks. After work I had to go fix the mower, a spring on the end of a cable broke. I had a spring and made it work. J was busy cleaning his room so I mowed and had to put the belt back on about 10 times. L ran G to a XC dinner. I finished caulking the tub and L&I ran to Home Depot to return stuff we didn’t use and get some final touches. We dropped off the trim router I borrowed from the Varney’s and checked out their Senior Night stuff they are doing for Donovan and their new floors. On to pick G up and swing through Wendy’s to pick up dinner. Home and watched the Bengals game, D is there and sending us pics.