20210925 - Homecoming Secrets Out!

20210925 - Up late and working on the bathroom all day. GmaB and Nicole over to take pics of J&G for homecoming. I took G to Creekside to meet up with his friends for Homecoming pics, had him jump out and he was on his own. Home and worked on bathroom more. 

L home, helped a bit and then we ran over to McClain's to watch Buckeye's game with them and they had some neighbors over. Tiff spilled the beans on J&I's Vegas secret...  L was wasn't too upset about the tattoos... Home and watched some more football. J&G out having a blast, spent the night at friends

So the only things j wanted for his 18th bday was a tattoo... So while in Vegas we checked out a couple places and then he chose one. He wanted a great big 12 legged spider with an eye that he drew for his. And he wanted it on his waist band climbing up his side. I warned him when he got a certain age the legs would start to bend and look funny. He claimed I was dumb and off we went. We got to the tattoo parlor and the guy said I've never done a 12 legged spider before. When jack described where he wanted it the guy said 'Dude, when you get older and put on some weight those legs are going to bend and look goofy'. I clapped in the background and then J decided to get the tattoo lower on his hip :-) While J was getting his the guy talked to me and asked if I was getting one. I pulled up an ambigram and he gave me a low price and I just did it... So J&I got inked for the first time together.