20210918 - Huddle

20210918 - Up in the am, L dropped G off at the school for his XC meet. I headed to the clinic to get a COVID test, it was negative! L headed to watch G run. I got home and started some drywall work over the window in the bathroom. L called, G was in 1st in his race for the first mile, dropped back to second for the 2nd mile and then….  almost everyone else finished the race and no G… he finally showed up and finished. Apparently he started feeling strange and passed out mid stride. A New Albany player helped him get up and he finished the race. L home and we hung out on the porch watching some football. I ran and got G and some food for him. Home and watching football on the back porch as we hear the Jazz & Blues Fest spinning up downtown. D sent us pics from the game.