20210911 - Cool Dudes

20210911 - Up later in the am and we checked out. We checked our bags with the bell hop and so we didn't have to carry them around all day and headed out. We caught the bus north and stopped a couple places J saw the last couple days that he wanted to revisit. We then took a break from the heat and found a sports bar in a casino where we watched the end of the OSU Oregon game. OSU lost, BUT, because the $20 sport wager I placed had the best chance to profit if the Ducks won and I bought a 'Oregon to Win' ticket, I turned my $20 in to $110!!! We headed back out in the heat and caught the bus to the las Vegas sign where we found a local that took us past the line of folks waiting to get their pics taken and got pics for us. 

Back to the hotel, got our bags and hung out in a sport bar for a bit. I headed out and cashed out all my chips and sport tag. We then walked through to Mandalay Bay to kill some time and caught an Uber to the airport. 

We headed there early because we didn't know what traffic was going to be like, or security at the airport and didn't want to miss our flight. In hindsight we could have found a couple more places to explore and still had plenty of time. We found some neck pillow and got to the gate and just waited and watched people. We got ton the plan at 10pm PST and will wake up in Columbus.

Back at home L got the bathroom grouted today and G had a XC meet that he went down with some boys last night and spent the night and went out for a team dinner. He came in 31st out of 300+ runners in the JV race!