20210910 - Front Row

20210910 - Up in the am and J and I headed down to find the buffet. It was in the basement of the pyramid and it was MASSIVE. We got our fill and then caught the bus heading north. We got off in old Vegas, walked a couple blocks and arrive at the Pawn Stars Gold and Silver Pawn shop. We went in and checked the place out. J got a little necklace for JGF6 there. We walked across the street so J could check out a tattoo shop. We caught another bus and headed to the Strat Casino where we headed Shout on the strip for another 2.5 mile hike in the 102 degree desert day. We stopped at Circus Circus and saw a trapezes show and J found a sweatshirt. Found a couple more Tattoo shops he wanted to visit. We went in and out of casinos checking them out and when we made it to Treasure Island we caught a bus and headed back to the Luxor. Back to home base and cleaned up and killed some time resting until we got ready and caught an Uber to the Rio.

It was my first Uber ride ever and I was amazed at how easy it was and wondered why I hadn't done this before... We got the Rio and J got kicked off the casino floor while I signed up for a rewards card. J&I met up at the entrance and headed up 50 floors to the VooDoo Steak and Roof Top Lounge. I got a smoking drink and we had FABULOUS STEAKS. J had to take lots of pics of his food and we enjoyed every bite. After dinner we found the theatre and got checked in. J tried to buys us water before the show at the bar and they wouldn't even sell him water... We got our two $7 bottles of water and made our way to the front row of Penn & Teller and settled in for an AMAZING, MIND BLOWING and fun show. It was GREAT! We were right next to them and still have no idea how they do the things they do. We caught an Uber back to the hotel and J was tired and headed up to the room. I wanted to learn how to bet on a sporting event so headed to the sport booking section and the lady there taught me how to do it. I placed a little bet on the OSU vs Oregon game (my 2 favorite teams). Next thing I wanted to learn was roulette. I watched some some guys for a little bit and then dove in with the $50 I was willing to lose. I played for about 20 minutes and it was really fun. I cashed out and walked away with about $200. Up to the room, checked in with J and to bed.