20210909 + Las Vegas

20210909 + Up in the am and everyone home today. We got word that G’s COVID test was negative! I headed out and got a hair cut while J finished packing. Home and L and Hazel ran J&I to the airport. We realized the last time J was on a plane was when he went to Disney when he was about 8. We got through security and grabbed a bite to eat before heading to the gate. The got on the plane and J got the window and videoed the take off. I fell asleep shortly after and when I woke up J had been drawing amazing pictures. We landed and the slot machines were there as soon as you step off the pane. We made our way through the airport and found our bus to hotel. As we got closer to the strip the size of these buildings started to settle in on J's brain and we stayed in the Luxor, the GIANT pyramid with the HUGE sphinx out front. We walked in and J's head exploded! We got checked in and ventured out exploring in the hotel a bit before getting a really good meal in a neat Mexican place. We couldn't get back in the room so headed to the front desk for help and upgraded to a corner suite on the 23rd floor.  We moved our stuff and headed out. Walked south to the Mandalay Bay Casino and then headed north for 2.5 miles to Treasure Island. We stopped at all the casinos along the way, did lots of people watching. We watched the fountain show at the Bellagio, Walked through the streets of Rome at Caesar's Palace and saw many other picture snap worthy sites. I couldn't take another step so we bought a 3 days bus pas and headed home. Back to the room. Jack ventured out and got some cans of Starbucks for the mornings and candy bars while I hung out in the room. To bed LATE from a busy day.