20200222 - Skinny Friend

20200222 - Up in the am and had bfast with L&G. Brady showed up and the boys went right upstairs to get on the Xboxes. I headed in to the office to get some things done. G&B took a scooter ride downtown to get a snack at Wendy's. When the boys got home we all went to the Gahanna Basketball tournament game. Gahanna won by 3x the other teams score, but they are amazing to watch. After the game I fixed the cheese machine in the concession stand and got a free pizza as a reward. We drove to Reynoldsburg and picked up some auction wins, the life size skeleton my favorite! home and dropped the boys off and L&I ran and got me some new tennis shoes and went to the Home depot to look at bathroom stuff. Home for a bit and then L&I went out for a nice dinner with the Mallonns. Home and we made the boys get off electronics and watched 'Playing with Fire' I waited up for J and he told me about his bathroom cleaning adventure at work tonight YUK!