20200208 - Getting Ideas

20200208 - Up in the am and L&I ran Gs friend home, G went with us. We swung by the house to drop of G and ship some ebay stuff. L&I then ran to the post office and up to Ikea to look at shower ideas. They didn't have much to look at and it had me on my feet for too long... We got out of there and headed to an Applebee's for lunch. We had a nice lunch and then headed to a bath showroom in Hilliard and it was too much to take in and VERY expensive. We headed home and found the new XFL football games on TV and settled in to watch, better than NFL I think. J got home, changed and headed in to work. G woke up and LG&I headed to Waffle House for dinner. Home and watched some TV until Late, L&G headed to bed and I waited up for J to get off work.