20200209 + Making Bread

20200209 - Up at 3am, tried to go back to sleep but that didn't work... Made up a place in the couch and dug in to YouTube to see how to remove a cast iron bathtub and install a zero entry shower.  L up and got around and got G up and we had some bfast. I ran him to baseball and then home to get caught up on some things. Went and Got G and drove another boy home. Home and JG&I went into the crawl space to see if there was a leak somewhere. I couldn't even find a trace of water in the soffit. We closed it up and headed down. Cousin Jen showed up up to check on me and to get caught up. L&I hung out and started watching a new show and started a new puzzle. Gma&paW down at a travel show and stopped by for a visit and dinner at Moe's. Home and we hung out the rest of the night. I made some bread today!