20200203 + Last Game

20200203 + Up in the morning and a bit of a late start. Got in to the office and collected my $40 from my Super Bowl winnings and then spent the day keeping things in line and created a couple new processes. Lonie got us Chinese for lunch and it was a fast day. Headed to the middle school down the road to watch G's basketball game and met L there, a buddy from work joined us. It was a good game and G played hard. I had a candy bar and Gatorade for a snack. Home and hung out and relaxed until time to go to Bible Bangers, no Doc he had an early Dr. appointment the next morning. First time out with the guys in a while and it was good to see them. I over did it a bit on the food, bad idea. I had sweet tea, fries and ketchup, nuggets and sauce. That on top of all the other sugar and salt I had knocked my heart back into AFIB... Up until 5am-ish trying to relax and get heart back in rhythm and eventually fell asleep.