20200220 - Basketball Banquet

20200220 - Up in the am and in to work. Had a unexpected long but good meeting with the IT team on organizing us and moving forward with some really good plans. Finished the day and headed home. I was stopped on the way out of the office by a couple managers that blindsided me with issues that were still open that I thought were closed... Headed home and had dinner with L&G, J at Wendy's working. After dinner LG&I headed to G's school for his basketball banquet. Everyone brought desserts so we ate and then the coach gave a nice speech and said nice things about all the boys. He had some really nice things to say about G and said he was in the top 3 scorers for the team :-o  Home and hung out the rest of the evening doing things on the PC with the TV on. J eventually got home and we chatted about the text I got from a teacher and his grades. we watched some TV as he ate his bag of food he brought home. I stayed up till 2 getting caught up.