20180522 - Resigning and J's Last Game

20180522 - Up in the am and in to work. I called my boss and left a voicemail and then got busy with my daily stuff. At lunch I called my boss again and left another voicemail and a text. Back to more work... Finally my boss called me back and I had a nice discussion with him and let him know I was resigning. He was disappointed but very appreciative of everything I have done. I informed a couple of other key folks of my move and they were stunned. Home and JL&I headed to j's last soccer game. It was a thunder night and the game was delayed a couple for several hours (it felt like). They finally played and it started raining... they played through it.  It stopped raining and J's team took a proper final beating. We swung through the Home Depot to get a photocell and headed home. D got home so I got him to help me hold the flashlight while I worked on the lamppost, not smart with no depth perception and in the dark... But we worked it out and the lamppost works again! In and up late on the PC.