20180523 - Wrapping the Year Up

20180523 - Up in the am and in to work. Swung through McD's to get coffee, L washed my cup last night and the coffee I made this morning tasted like soap YUK! So I got some coffee and some bfast sandwiches and headed into work. In to work and it was a pretty busy day getting things written down and outlining what I do on a daily basis for a smooth transition. I finished my day and headed to the ball field where I met L&G for G's game. It was a good game, but a crappy one for G. I got a call from an exec of my customer congratulating me on the move and several texts from other customers and coworkers about the news... The boys won and we headed home. I ran into Coach Thacker, G's coach from last year, and had a nice chat with him. Headed home and swung through Arby's to pick up some dinner. Home and ate with L&G. D got home from DGF7's game, they lost their State semi-final game tonight. L ran to pick up J from an all day pool party, he is very sunburned. I got some things shopped and then worked on the PC watching Netflix.