20180531 - Jack Picks R Weird

20180531 - Up in the am and the house tore up from J and his friends. Got ready and headed in to work. In my office for most of the day visiting and educating folks on my tasks. Took a break around lunch to go take a drug test. Back to my office to finish out the day with more training. Headed to get a couple auction wins and then to D-bats where I hung out until G's team was done with their practice. D gave me some attitude so I dropped him off at home and J&I returned movies, got a couple more, and picked up Greek food from Nazareth. Home and we ate while trying to watch a movie on the Xbox... but that didn't work so we went upstairs to finish the movie. Finished the movie, it was weird (J picks weird movies). Then D&G headed to the basement to watch baseball, L to her room to watch baseketball and J&I watched another weird movie he picked out while I sorted through all the paperwork built up on my desk from the week.