20180504 + Hot Water

20180504 + Up in the am and working from home, nice quiet, knocking things out. D, DGF& and a friend of theirs came home for lunch. L came home and we ran to Costco to get a couple of things and have lunch. Back to the desk to finish out the day and then headed back to the school with L&D for the Jefferson Fair. G wsa to be the first person in the dunk tank tonight but I noticed steam rising off of the water when we got there. I stuck my hand in the water and it was scalding hot. I got with some teachers and the guys running the attractions, got a hose and started putting cold water in the tank until it was cool enough for G to start things off. All of G's buddies were lined up to dunk him and they took turns throwing baseballs to drop him, only 2 succeeded and and he was a wet mess. L got him changed, I taught the ladies how to reset the seat and G ran off to play soccer. I headed home soaking wet and got something to eat and J was in the basement. I got a couple more things done at the desk and then D&DGF7 showed up and ate and retired to the basement to watch J play. L&G home and G went downstairs too and L&I stayed up and watched a movie. Eventually D&J had a battle so we split them up and got them settled for the night.