20180510 - Teaching New Drink

20180510 - Up in the am and in to work and prepping for weekly call. Had the call and an interesting meeting HR called me into today... Finished the day and then headed home a bit early and straight back to the ball field for G's game. It was a good game, G went 2-4, but hit each time he was up. I did the scoring and music and the boys came back in the end and won, a good game. Home and got some things together and headed to Granville to a buddy's house that texted me last night inviting me to a bourbon and bonfire event. Hung out with a bunch of guys I just met sipping different bourbons by the fire out in the country looking at the stars and having good conversations. I invented a new drink tonight the 'Fire Maker' (equal parts Fireball and Maker's Mark over a couple ice cubes) YUM! and the others approved. Headed home and to bed by 1am.