20180219 + 2 Getting Big

20180219 + Up super early and D&I headed West to visit Wright State over by Dayton.  We went to a bunch of different lectures and it was REALLY interesting, makes me want to go back to school! We also stopped and talked to the financial aid folks to discover our aid is called loans... We talked to the Department Head of Athletic Training and if D goes there and can get into the program this Fall can be part of the last cohort that is NOT required to get a Master's Degree.  We had lunch there in the cafeteria and took a short tour before heading home. 
Home and we saw J scooting around town on the way in. I headed to the accountants to do my 2017 taxes, but she could not honor the appointment... So I headed over to Dave's warehouse next door and chatted a bit before heading home. We had a nice dinner and then J&I headed to Goodwill so he could check things out. I got some things to sell on OhiOOddities and a pair of boots and J got a couple of white t-shirts.  J&I stopped at the local car lot to start looking at cars for him... Home and hung out the rest of the night. D&DGF7 here. Bible Bangers was cancelled for the night so we just watched the Olympics and relaxed.