20180203 - Hops and Poker

20180203 - Up in the am and D at the high school baseball clinic and G brought me breakfast in bed (he must want something...). L got herself together and ran to the library while J replaced the shower head in the boy's bathroom, G played on the Xbox and I did bills and got the maple syrup buckets ready to hang. L back home for a minute and then we headed to Lancaster for G's basketball game. Uncle Johnny came to the game and the boys played really well, probably G’s best game as far as ball handling and shots (he finally got the 3 he’s wanted all year). They stayed neck and neck with the Farm boys until the very end, quite an accomplishment as this team usually wins by 50... but they lost. 

We drove home and got some food at Arby’s on the way. J was still in his robe when we arrived and joined us for lunch. After a quick lunch the City Attorney stopped by to have Lori and I sign a petition. We then headed to G’s second game of the day at home. G played well again and this time they won!  After the game L&I dropped G off at baseball practice. Home and I got J and we headed to Hebron with a stop at Kroger to go to our annual poke party. J used his own money this year and as usual did very good on the tables. It was good to see the guys again and we got home at 3:30am only losing $15 for the night. Love playing poker with J.