20180214 + Shitball

20180214 + Up in the am and in to work. One of the girls in the front office received a secret admirer note on her desk this morning and they were all busy trying to solve the mystery. Normal busy day. I headed out around 3:30ish to hit the Scout store to get awards on the way home. Got in and out of the Scout store pretty easy by 4:00 and then sat in traffic until I arrived home at 5:30... The radio said over and over "...this is the worst traffic day we have seen in 2018 with multiple accidents shutting down all of our major freeways..." and of course it is the day I am on them... There was another school shooting in Florida today... people are crazy... Home and had a dozen roses for L and here is how the conversation went:

L - Oh these are so pretty. Thank you.
As she is putting them in the vase: Where id you get them?
M - I got them from Shalynn
L - You made her go out and buy me flowers?
M - No, the florist screwed up her order and delivered an extra dozen by mistake so I took these.
L - You shitball
Hahahahaha I can't win!

After the flowers were displayed LJG&I sat down for dinner and had a good meal, D was at baseball practice. D home with DGF7 and they watched videos on their phones while the rest of us watched the Olympics. Got everything shut down and all boys to bed.