201180223 + Lunch Date

201180223 + Up  in the am and working from home today. D swung by during his lunch for a min. L home early and we ran to Smashburger for lunch :-) Back into the office and finished up the day with some programming. L ran and got J from track practice and G&I ran him to the church for a Scout Merit Badge Weekend. G&I headed on to the video store where I could find nothing worth watching, but he did. We swung through Arby's for me to get a french dip on the way to the pizza place. Home and D had vanished with DGF7, so LG&I ate and then settled in to watch some Olympics. J starving and pestering me on the phone so I took him half a sub ran into the Brown's on the way and talked to them a bit. Home and up late programming and watching TV with D. Bed @ 4:07