20170311 - Tag Day

20170311 - Up in the am and L&J off doing something, G still at his friends and D&I headed to the once a year Tag day where all of the athletes go door to door in Gahanna and ask for $upport. D had 4 friends in the car and we hit our usual route. The school raised over $22K today! After Tag Day D and I headed home. We did a couple things and expected some help at 1. No one showed to help... One of the leaders did and He and I helped D, but the Troop was out of town on a campout and we were pretty much on our own, but made good progress. L&J got home and had G, so the house got loud for a min. LD&I headed out to get him fitted for his prom tux. L loved this and I just walked around the store. Home and hung out the rest of the day. D took a big nap as he was up all night. We watched a movie in the evening.