20170304 + Finally a Feather

20170304 + Up a bit later today :-) We had to divide and conquer: L&J to J's soccer game, D back to the baseball clinic at the high school and G&I to his basketball game. I got to work the buzzer while G played. IT was a super close game and G's team lost, so they are done for the season. G was quite upset and had a lot to say about the game... Home and met up with Gma&paW that came down to see J's game. We regrouped for a minute and then Gma&paW took J&G out shopping for shoes, J needs track shoes. D stopped by for a min, he is hanging out with guys from his team, playing some basketball at one of their houses. L&I got some things done around the house and headed to O'Charly's we hung out at the bar there for an hour waiting on Gma&paW, J&G. They showed up and we had a very nice dinner. Home and up late doing things for the Athletic Boosters. 

Since I have taken the new job I have not seen a feather.  Today I got one :-)