20170319 - Freezing Season Opener

20170319 - Up in the am, G still not feeling great.  LD&J to church.  I stayed home with G and tried to teach him how to take pills... Everyone back home, L headed out to get groceries.  I did a couple of things in the office.  We had lunch and then D headed to the school to go to his scrimmage.  L&I followed shortly after leaving J&G at home.  We got to the scrimmage, it was FREEZING, to watch Dylan sit out 7 innings...  He sure loves being on the field and eventually got on in left field???  he got up to bat once and got walked.  His attitude is good and he is a good teammate, i guess that is all we can ask for.  L&I headed home, we took DGF7 and another girl that came to watch D home and then swung through Moe's to get dinner.  Home and ate with J&G, they hadn't killed each other :-)  D went straight to DGF7's.  Had a couple of guys come over to watch the Walking Dead.  up late working on baseball stuff.