20170317 - Almost Caught Him!

20170317 - Up in the am and in to work.  L stayed home with G, he has a fever...  I reminded him to make a leprechaun trap as we didn't have time to do it last night and he still had time to build one.  Had a very fast Friday.  Headed out about 5:30, got home and ate.  D&I headed out and hit the post office and then got D a hair cut.  He got his hair cut by a lady that was not happy with my suggestion that she looked like a Seuss character...  and she cut off way more than the 1/2 inch we asked her too.  D hated the hair cut (but looks nice).  D&I then headed to Dick's where we got him a new helmet.  He said the helmet we got him back in 7th grade was getting a little tight, thus the hair cut first to see if it was all the hair that as making it tight ;-)   He got his new helmet and some double bubble.  Home and we all settled in to watch Passengers.  G feeling a bit better but sleeping in the living room with his leprechaun trap set up in the kitchen.  Once the lights were off a bag of gold foil covered chocolates mysteriously fell off the kitchen table onto the floor.  This freaked G out a bit...  We then decided to put them in the trap he made.  All back to bed and a couple of minutes later the trap was knocked over and the gold coins GONE!  G was afraid to sleep by himself in the living room with a leprechaun on the loose so I hung out with him until he fell asleep.