20170318 + Last Lazy Day

20170318 + Up in the am and G was alarmed at all the gold foil wrappers all over the living room.  the leprechaun ate nearly all of his chocolate and left wrappers all around him.  He must have been watching him sleep!
D's scrimmage has been moved to tomorrow. So we have nothing on the calendar for today. How is that possible? So we took advantage of a day off. G started off the day in amazement, finding gold wrappers all over the living room.  A bit creeped out he had a leprechaun watching him last night.  To keep the mood alive we watched a 1959 classic 'Darby O'Gill and the Little People'. G is still sick so he hung out on the couch all day, L stayed with him. DJ&I headed out to check out the new outlet mall and pick up a bday present for L. Home and we watched the 1967 classic 'The Gnome Mobile'.  After the movie D took J&I to Kroger where we got TV dinners for everyone.  Home and J&I got the dinners going and D&L worked on his prom proposal sign.  We had our TV dinners as we watched another movie.  D headed over to DGF7s and LJG&I settled in for the rest of the night.  So nice to not have a million things to do.  We know this is the calm before the Spring storm so we didn't overdo it.  The last movie of the day was the 1964 Robinson Crusoe on Mars.