20170305 - Lilly & the Sun

20170305 - Up in the am and all to church. & Church was a bit disappointing today, some guy got up and talked for way too long about church business, that's not why I go, and that meant the sermon was cut short :-( and they changed the way they do communion and didn't tell anyone how to do it, it was a traffic jam mess... We bailed out early so D could get to work on time. L doing things around the house, J&G playing, Conor came over to play too, I got tons of things done at the desk. D home and over to DGF7's, L took G to his practice and J went to youth group with Conor so Lilly and I were on our own. Hung out and relaxed, got a couple things done. Everyone back home, J&D watched the Walking Dead with me. Up, but not too late surfing auctions.