20170309 - Athletic Measurements

20170309 - Up in the am and in to work. Had a full day of meetings. Home to an empty house; LJG and Lily went to get us dinner. They got Arby's, which is funny because I have not eaten at Arby's forever and today I had them for lunch too... G&I headed out to Costco, had to turn around halfway there, forgot the membership card... Finally got they and got our coffee and bfast drink and headed to Scouts. G didn't know that was part of my plan was to end up at his Den meeting and he gave me a funny look as we walked in the church and he realized the trickery ;-) They were doing athletic measurement tonight, how fast can you run, how high can you jump, how much can you lift... he had a BLAST, and as he left he looked at me and said that was really fun, did you know they were doing all that stuff tonight? Then you could see him putting it all together in his head... yeah duh of course dad knew... We then ran to the bank, then downtown for G to do some Pokemon hunting, then the J's school to pick him up from choir practice, apparently I fell asleep in the parking lot waiting for him. JG&I home, D there, he had a good practice. Little boys to bed, stayed up and had some nachos with D while we watched a survivor show. All to bed, I crashed early.