20160216 - No Gas

20160216 - Wrestled myself out of bed. No exercise again today :-s Fami home from school due to snow. I got in to work for another super long day of calls, change and stress... Left about 6:30 and headed to G's baseball practice. I called the Gas company on the way to get the eviction house transferred into my name and discovered that they shut the gas off this morning... SO change of plans and a stop at Lowe's to get a heater to take to the rental so we wont have any frozen pipes... Finally made it to G's practice, watched the boys and talked to the guys for a bit before heading to the rental to install the heater, take pictures and get a water meter reading. Got my stuff done and left the pet pee house to head home. Home and collapsed for a few minutes to see the boys before they headed to bed. Got cleaned up and L ran to get me dinner at Wendy's. Stayed up working on the PC a bit.