20160207 - Steak Dinner

20160207 - Up early and worked out with L, then LDJG&I to church. We got home and D showed up from his sleepover at his friends. G&I headed out for some errands, the bank, drive by the rental to see if the tenants are still in the house (they are...) and the grocery to get lunch supplies. Home and D gone to hit some baseballs with a friend. JG&I cooked a fantastic steak, mashed potatoes, green beans, garlic bread and salad. It was a great meal and the boys did a great job. I crashed on couch and don't remember the afternoon... Woke up and got a couple of things done in the office. The McClains came over to watch the Super Bowl and of course the cable box wasnt working so spent 20 min on the phone getting that straightened out. Eventually we got to watch the game and the halftime show. After half time the house emptied out and the little boys went to bed. D&I stayed up and watched the rest of the game. I stayed up and worked on a projects.