20160222 + Boys Day Off & Taxes

20160222 + Up in the am and into work.  The boys at home, no school today...  I did a couple of things in the office and then out to the shop floor like a bull in a china shop pulling people from every area to get the printer area organized and cleaned up.  I was driving the tow motor, moving things around, had gropus of folks everywhere cleaning up the place and getting things set up.  We got everything cleaned out and moved so we could get the FGI staging area set up.  Left a couple minutes early today to head to the accountant and get my taxes done. Then home for just a second to change and head to Scouts to help with a new parent meeting.  Home in time to watch the X Files.  Then I got Doc and headed to Bible Bangers.  D and one of his buddies stopped by after baseball tryouts.