20160227 - Everything Went Wrong

20160227 - Up and into work got some stuff done but ended badly with a disagreement of how to finishing redoing the business I have been pushing and working on all week.

To rental to close the window after running the self cleaning oven and to take inventory of what else needs done.

To G's basketball game, G did good, they won. Everyone was there, Cole's, Gma&paW and our fam.

L and Nicole headed to a baby shower, D&J headed out with Gma&paW and G&I headed to his basketball party for an end of regular season pizza party. They are LOUD! After waiting 50 minutes for our food and everyone that was in line behind us getting there food I went up and and asked what was up, they lost our order...

G&I home and had leftovers... We watched a short show and then started a movie. D&J home from dinner and shopping with Gma&paW with loads of stuff they didn't need, took me over the edge.