20160223 - Dirty Hands

20160223 - Up in the am and in to work. Out on the shop floor for another day of organizing. We got the shipping area all set up and ready to roll. Things are looking much better. I left the office at 7 and headed to a local joint with some of the guys to grab a drink and some food. Home and hung out with the fam for a bit before heading to bed completely exhausted.

I took this picture at work today during one of the breaks I took to run in the office and monitor email.  I remamber as a your boy coming in from the barn to have lunch with GGmaW and her helping me wash my hands.  She would have me soap up and rub some of the dirty soap suds on the side of her white sink in the small bathroom just off the kitchen so I could see all of the hard work I had done and how washing your hand was important.