20160214 + Cold Tapping

20160214 + Up in the am and L&I exercised. All to church, the boys dressed in their Scout uniforms for Scout Sunday. The boys carried in the flags with the Troop, D had the American flag and G had the Pack flag. It was a long service with a lot of instruments and singing and a bit of a message. D collected the offering for our side and nearly dropped the $... After church L&I went to the Cheesecake Factory for a wind-tunnel lunch. We swung in to the Celebrate Local store for a look before G gave us a call to come home and feed him. Home and D headed out to see his valentie, but she puked and didn't show... JG&I headed out in the 17 degree weather to hang the maple syrup buckets. J&I ran in and G stayed outside to play with L. I was at the desk for a bit and L&J went and got groceries. D back home and we ran to ot the rental to see if they were out. I didn't take the keys so had to make a second trip... They had the heat cranked to 78 and some stuff left in the house so we left. Home and D out to youth group, L had already dropped J off while we were out. LG&I had some dinner and dessert. I ran back out to pick J up and then home and we watched some of Frozen. Soon down to the basement to the best Walking Dead EVER!