20160101 + Off to a Good Start

20160101 + Up in the am and L&I downstairs to do our P90 workout. Yes we are going to do a 90 work out, recommended for panzys, by our friend Bill. We had to take day one photos, which L has FORBID me from posting... We did the workout and survived. Part of the plan is to drink 1/2 your weight in oz of water (I am looking into a catheter to reduce the number of trips to the water closet...). Brady took G with him, D took me to othe gas station and thn home to watch OSU in the Fiesta Bowl. We played Notre Dame and I was texting with my boss who is a die hard ND fan, to bad for him as the Buckeyes took care of business and won proper. After the game we hung out watching football the rest of the night and I worked on the Scout site some more, www.Troop98Gahanna,info, until late.  D wet to a movie and then called to see if he could stay at a friends.  We said yes and he came to get some of the games they played last night to take to his friends :-)