20151231 - Happy New Year!

20151231 - Up in the am and J in to work with me today. Linda and Tim kept him busy taking down Christmas decorations and some racks we have to move to the new building. I was chained to the desk getting more things cleaned up and prepped for 2016. J went on break and we ran to China Bell for lunch. We got filled up and headed back to work where we went to the back a store down some boxes. We made a final stop in the free cage before packing up and heading home a bit early. Home and L had the house decorated real nice and was dressed all up cute like. We hung out and got things ready and then folks started showing up. We had a bunch of families over for a game night, it was a ton of fun and everyone played non-electronic games until the ball dropped. HAPPY NEW YEAR! People hung out a bit longer and then headed out. G's friend Brady spent the night.  All to bed about 2am.