20160130 ‡ Empty & Full

20160130 ‡ L got me up early and we did our morning exercise, the new longer one...  In to work and cleaned the place out.  The team was in and we worked hard all day and got 400,000 sq ft of space cleaned out.  It took 30 days and 500 semi trucks. We swept the floors and are ready to close the doors in that building after 18 years of business.  The team had a big lunch in  the new place, our first meal together there.  The new doors are open ready to start a new come Monday.  Exhausted and covered n 18 years of dust I headed home.  Gma&paW here playing games with L and the boys.  We headed to the the spaghetti dinner at church but the line was too long so we headed to Moe's for dinner.  I had to take a call on a work escalation and finally had a nice dinner.  J&G headed to Dick's with Gma&paW and D got done with baseball and then headed to a play at the high school with some friends and then spent the night with them.  J&G spent several hours at Dick's...  Little boys home and Gma&paW headed home.  Heading to bed from an exhausting day.