20160118 - Everything Moving

20160118 - Up in the am to a quiet house, everyone has the day off except me :-(  Headed to work in the freezing cold, 7 degrees this morning...  In to work and straight into meetings.  A super fast day of things going on.  Everything moving very fast, the new building is getting set up nicely.  Stayed at work with Dave tying things off and planning for the rest of the week.  Headed home about 19:15.  Home and got something to eat.  L had the boys at home all day.  D listed stuff and L took J&G to a movie and gave everyone hair cuts.  Only home for a short time and then ran to Bible Bangers without Doc.  got some food ordered and then had to go pick up D from baseball and deliver him home.  Back to Bible Bangers and we had a really good meeting.