20160103 - Dizzy Cooks

20160103 - L&I up in the am and down to our workout room for our morning punishment. L looks at me funny as I drink my coffee during breaks as she guzzles water. It is too early and I need my coffee... All to church and we left early as L started feeling sick during he service and had to leave. Home and I got some stuff done at the desk and then D drove me to K-Roger to pick up some groceries. Home and D got the grill out and cooked up some steaks, G cut up strawberries, J made garlic toast and we had a fantastic feast. After lunch the boys played with LEGOs a bit and then LJ&G went back to Delaware to get L's iPad she left there yesterday... D&I put some hooks in the basement ceiling for tomorrow's exercise program. D then drove me to his friends house so I could drop him off and could go to church with him. I continued on to a baseball meeting for G's baseball. John over after the meeting to review the budget and then I sent out a mail to the team on the upcoming schedule. We all had to make our own dinners tonight and after that GJ&I played a bit, some shuffle board marble game and I twisted their arms and steam-rollered them. D home late from his youth group evening and said he had a blast and wants to go back.