20160131 - Good Eats

20160131 - Up late for the first time in weeks during all this work move madness. L&I did our exercises and recorded our results, pretty good for our first 30 days. Cleaned up and JG&I headed out for some errands. We swung by the grocery store to get their list for lunch and then headed home for the cooking to commence. D got home from his friends and was in charge of dessert. J had the main course ham and pineapple shish kabob while G made rainbow fruit skewers. It was a fantastic meal. After lunch D&I updated our eBay listings and then ran to the Goodwill to drop stuff off. Home and G to the basement playing Xbox, J to our church youth group, D to him new church youth group, L watching Grease Live and I finished up the bills. Ran and got J, D home and all boys to bed. I finished up a couple things online and to bed by midnight.