20151126 - Thanksgiving @ the Farm

20151126 - Up in the am and the all the boys and I got suited up and met Johnny, Roger, John 3 & John C on the hunt.  Only D&I carried guns from our group and we took a nice walk across the fields and through the brush looking for the pheasants we let out last night.  J found one walking through the woods at the end of the hunt and D chased him down, kicked him up and got a bird.  4 in total for the hunt.  After the hunt G wanted to shoot a shotgun, here is his first shotgun experience:

JG&I headed up to the house to get cleaned up and D stayed at the Spring House to clean his bird. We all met back up at the Farm House for a wonderful feast and fellowship with our relatives.  I love how everyone comes together for the holidays here. 

Several groups took hikes and GmaW, DJ&I took a trip to the Falls.  Soon everyone left and we headed up to Gma&paW's house and found a movie to watch and relaxed the rest of the evening.  What a nice day!