20151121 - First Script Ohio

20151121 - UP in the am and getting things done at the desk.  then G&I got ready and hit the road.  We swing by the bank and the gas station and McD's on our way tot he fairgrounds to park and ride a bus down to campus.  We got dropped off close to the horseshoe that G proclaimed is a lot bigger than it looks on TV.  We headed North past the Shoe and to Saint John's Arena to join the Skull Session.  Then down Lane a couple blocks to check in with some old high school friends at their tailgate party, where G got to play some football with their kids.  We then headed back to the Shoe to stand in a ridiculously long line and then climb 100 steps to our perch on C deck.  We had some big fans around us and i had to sit sideways with my arm around G's back to fit in the space...  Then some rain started to sputter so I suited G up with his trash bag rain coat.  The band marched in and did Script Ohio and then the team ran in to fireworks and the game commenced.  G was taking it all in with wide eyes, not talking much, maybe he was freezing.  We made one trip to get nachos and hot chocolate and then braved the rest of the game at our seats.  The game was very close and we ended up losing :-(  But it really didn't matter as it was G's first time at a game with all the trimmings and he thought it was 'Really Cool'.  A short bus ride back to the car and we drove through Arby's on the way home.  Home and in dry clothes and G told L every single little detail about every minute and event he had witnessed that day ;-)

L reported that the Scout Thanksgiving Feast was very nice and J was cold and wanted to come home.