20151112 - Conservationists of the Year

20151112 - Up in the am and dropped D off at school on the way into work. At the desk and got tons done quick. The day blew by and I headed out early. Home and got the gang and we headed up to Mansfield for a banquet. Gma&paW were receiving the award for the Richland Soil and Water Conservationist of the year. There were a lot of people there from years past. I introduced the boys to Doc Scherer and others I knew from life on the farm. Uncle Roger, John & Betty and John & Mary were there tool It was a long ceremony and the boys did good other than G spilling coffee on L. There was a nice slide show and they told of the many things over the years that Gma&paW have done for the county: the boys were amazed at the long list. Gma&paW got up and received their awards, got their pictures taken and GpaW gave a nice speech introducing the generations of Wringers there and telling stories and the many involvements of all in the family throughout the years. A nice event and quick drive how with all boys to bed.