20151101 + Leaves

20151101 + Up in the am and L out gathering D&J from their friends where they stayed last night.  I got up and got cleaned up, had to take out my eye as it has been bothering me lately...  Nicole brought G home so all back together.  We loaded up in the white car, got the little trailer and headed up tot he Farm.  We got there and put the trailer back in the garage, visited the new kitten and checked out the work GpaW has been doing in the Farm House.  We raked some leaves with 1.5 rakes, put away the picnic tables for the winter and had a nice visit.  John & Mary Terry joined us and we went to Pizza Hut for a nice dinner.  Home and boys cleaned up and D&I to the basement with friends to watch The Walking Dead, with special sound effects provided by G puking up all the candy and pop he consumed at the Farm.