20151119 - Don't Like Waiting

20151119 - Up in the am and dropped D off at school on the way into work. Another incredibly stressful day... Did run downtown to pick up all of the awards and mothers pins for the Troop Court of Honor. Home and stopped at the school to pick D up from weight lifting that was to be over at 6:00... at 6:25 D came out... I don't have time to wait for his weights... Home in a flurry and rush. Picked up G and heade3d to the Pack 98 Fellar's Cake Auction. Penn showed up to bid against me and the Pack raised about $1000 for GRIN. G&I bought 2 cakes, his and 1 for the upcoming Scout Thanksgiving feast. Home and D helped me get all of the Court of Honor handouts printed and folded.