20151111 - 16 Extra Years

20151111 - Up in the am and ran D to school. Home and saw G off to school. Gma&paB over to the house, L to her work and Gma&paB & I took J to school.  J&GpaB we on stage at the middle school for the Veteran's Day assembly. J was part of the posting of the colors and his buddy Conor did a great good announcing the event. J spoke up very nicely introducing GpaB to the school.  It was a very nice event and Gma&paB I headed home afterward. We had a nice chat and L was home soon and we headed for lunch. After lunch GpaB and I relaxed at home while the girls went out to do some shopping. The girls got home and the boys started coming home from school. Gma&paB headed home. G&I headed out to get pizza, movies and pick D up from weight lifting. Home and we had dinner while watching the new Terminator.  A very nice relaxing day, marking an addition 16 year.