20150927 - Work & Play

20150927 - Up in the am and L&D off to D's double header. JG&I stayed at home, J&G playing Xbox and other various electronics while I got things done at the desk. J made lunch for G&I; turkey sandwiches with wheat-thins and almonds.  J&I dropped G off at one of his friends bday party.  On to get some things at Menard's, a shake and slushy from Sonic and checked on an eviction. Finally home and J&I replacing the steps going out the backdoor. G got home from the party and helped J carry the old wood over to Doc's. L&D home, D won the first game and tied the second. Steps done, L took D&J to church youth group, G shooting a BB gun. The city attorney stopped by to admire the ditch work, the eviction stopped to pay some $ and I repaired the ball box for the bumper-pool table in the basement.  Then G&I checked out his fort and played on the player for a bit before settling in front of the TV on the back porch.  LD&J home and Chris over to watch Fear the Walking Dead.