20150919 + Ditch-b-Gone

20150919 + Up and the crew is here working on the ditch.  I took D to a practice at Academy and then L&I went to an estate sale and then hit a couple stores just hinging out.  Home and L went to get D and run some more errands.  Jim from next door and I supervised some of the work on the ditch and are happy it is getting covered.  In and D home, we verified the inventory on ebay and he listed 1 more thing.  We then headed to the basement where we moved the washer and dryers back into position and finished putting shipping boxes and our bug out bags away.  The basement looks amazing..  Then we settled in to the basement to watch the Buckeye game.  Seems our offense has no idea what is going on...  Pretty miserable game, even though we won...  We can't stay #1 play sloppy like this.  McClains over at half time and we watched the rest of the game and then just hung out flipping between other games.  D drove Bill and I to Chipolte to get a late dinner for everyone.  Fun times.