20150914 - All Over CMH

20150914 - Up in the am and NO WORK TODAY!  J and I got his new Destiny pack purchased first thing and then he stayed down to play while I went up and figured out the schedule for the day.  D&G up about 10 and we got started...
- Fire drill
- Gas station, D our driver for the day.
- Trophy store for name plate for J
- Bank, D pay me back for ordering him a 6s
- Giant Eagle, prescription, jam, cupcake stuff
- Movie store, returns
- AAA, doesn't offer driving classes anymore :-s
- Aldi, return bleacher seats
- US Bank to see our buddy Bill
- Lunch at Lon John Silver's
- Columbus Driving Academy, enrolled D = $$$$
- Rental, drop off eviction notice...
- Lowe's, return a pat, get grass and stuff for house, saw buddy Tom
- D drove through downtown...
- Scout Store, get advancements
D&G planted the grasses, J watered them. Then L&J headed to soccer practice and DG&I headed to a free Clippers game.  We saw a lot of people we knew, got dogs for a dime and had a fun evening :-)