20150926 - Beating the Street

20150926 - Up in the am and took D to driving class, L&J to his soccer game in Johnstown.  G&I hung out at the house a bit while I got things done/organized to head out.  G&I out running errands and getting $ from businesses for his baseball team.  We went to about 30 places and G walks right up, asks to speak to the manager and then very quietly give them his spiel (I am not sure how this anomaly happens that you can barely hear him as he is officially the loudest human being ever created...).  They all think he is cute and they all want to help.  We had multiple businesses today tell us they get 3-5 requests for sponsorship a week... amazing.  Once D's class was over he drove us around.  G scored a handful of gift cards and a bicycle helmet to raffle off.  We swung by Lowe's as a last stop to get some lumber to replace the back steps and they didn't have what we needed.  Headed home and all down to the basement for an evening of football.  At halftime for the OSU game D took me to get my new glasses and then we hit McDonald's and Pizza Hut to get dinner.  Home and finished off the night watching the big screen.